Nishman After Shave Care Lotion [1 Iceberg] 13.5 oz

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Nishman After Shave Care Lotion [1 Iceberg] 13.5 oz

NISHMAN PROTECT & CARE REPLENISHING POST SHAVE LOTION soothes and regenerates your skin immediately after shaving. Its new enriched & developed alcohol free formula is moisturizes your skin and reduces redness and tightness. Your skin is smooth and protected and feels comfortable.

• Ideal for all types of skin 
• Comes in a family sized bottle
• Rich, creamy and easily absorbed
• Comforts your skin with two layers
• Provides Protection against razor burn
• Calms irritations and prevents redness
• Lovely Mentholated fragrance cream cologne
• Refreshes, Moisturizes, Hydrates the skin
• It’s fragrance would last hours after shaving
• The skin regains comfort and softness straight away

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