K-CONCEPT Lincoln Barber Chair Black with headrest up #OZBC20 [pre order]

Sale price$1,199.95


K-CONCEPT Lincoln Barber Chair Black with headrest up #OZBC20


–Per Order Request: $1199.95

For further information regarding shipping to your state. please call store:  P: 813 893 4801


provides wonderful comfort and durability.

also has reversible leg and footrest.

heavy-duty hydraulic pump.

reclines up to 45 degrees.

head rest on top

– Height: 40.20 – 45.60 (Chair); 25.60 – 31.00 (Seat)
– Depth: 38.20 – 57.50
– Width: 26.20 (External); 20.50 (Internal)

Weight: 220.00 LBS


Heavy duty gas lift reclining mechanism

Heavy duty round base, with lockable hydraulic pump ( 3 years manufacturer warranty )

Push button locking mechanism for a secure extendable headrest

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