Graham PST Towels 1601 white smooth finish- 1000 2 Ply Towels 8 pack #16161

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Graham PST Towels 1601 white smooth finish- [1000 2 Ply Towels 8 pack #16161].

We are excited to off our customers these fantastic Professional Service Towels. These absorbent and sturdy towels are excelling for neck protection while cutting hair, protecting your work area from messes while manicuring, or simply just to clean up after a service is complete. With their multiple uses, they are a must-have for your salon and spa services. You will receive one package of 125 of these phenomenal towels. If it's not Graham Professional it's not the best!

• Easy to use
• Super absorbent towels for multiple salons use
• Disposable and convenient.
• Strong and provide comfortable protection.
• Thick and absorbent.
• Multiple applications.
• Trusted by professionals.
• PST 2-Ply White, Smooth Finish, 12"X24.5", 125 Towels/Pkg X 8 Pack.

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