Black Solutions So Fresh So Clean Waterless Shampoo 2.7 oz

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Black Solutions So Fresh So Clean Waterless Shampoo 2.7 oz.

So Fresh, So Clean uses a combination of conditioning agents modified to absorb and remove dirt from the hair (when brushed or wiped out). 

SFSC cleanses the hair and leaves the hair with better texture, comb ability, conditioned and shine. Unlike most dry shampoo, this is made without the use of powders to cleanse the hair.
The use of powders eliminates the ability for the use of oils or other conditioning agents to condition the hair or give shine.

So Fresh, So Clean can be used whenever you need to refresh your hair, wig or dreads and you don't have time to do a regular water shampoo.

Size: 2.7 oz.


Spray about 5 inches away into the roots and throughout the hair and brush out. The hair will be clean and ready for your normal routine. If you over saturate the hair with product, blow dry for less than 1 minute to dry.

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